Making a movie is no easy feat. As a moviegoer, all you can see is a beautifully told story. However, there are months and sometimes years of work put into making the finished product that eventually runs in theaters. It’s a lot of hard work.

That goes double when the movie in question is an animated feature. You might think that there is less work involved when it comes to putting together an animated film, but it’s quite the opposite! There are even more people working together to get these movies made.

Sometimes, no matter how much work people put into a movie, there are inevitably going to be a some┬ámistakes. Here are 19 of the biggest bloopers that you won’t believe actually made it into the final cut!

1. Beauty and The Beast (1991): In┬áthis Disney classic: a selfish prince is cursed and transformed into a beast until he can find true love, despite his frightening appearance. Unfortunately, there’s a discrepancy after he takes out his anger on a portrait. In one scene, he slashes the painting one way; in another, Belle discovers the painting slashed the opposite direction. Woof.