If you were born within the past few decades, you probably don’t know how ubiquitous cigarette advertising used to be. From ads on television to vending machines in neighborhood restaurants, smoking was a much more visible part of everyday life in America.

Back in the late 1800s, cigarette companies would put a single card in their packets to keep the containers from bending. Gallaher’s Cigarettes realized these cards could be turned into fun collectible items, so they decided to make the most of the opportunity!

In 1910, they started putting some useful tips and tricks the back of their cards. The New York Public Library recently put the best ones up online, and not only are they cool to look at, a lot of these them are more useful than you might think.

1. Prevent your glasses from getting foggy: “The moisture which collects on eyeglasses causes a great deal of trouble, but if the glasses are daily rubbed with soap and well polished afterwards, a very thin, invisible film of soap remains, which has the effect of preventing the condensation of moisture on the glass.”