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He Didn't Have The Nerve To Open The Trap Door In His Cabin So He Hired A Handyman To Do It For Him

By stompk

There’s a good chance that you’ve dreamed of finding a secret room in your home. Of course, it would be pretty amazing to find one and discover that a hidden treasure has been there all along. In all likelihood, though, no matter how closely you’ve searched every crevice in your home, chances are, you came up empty handed; secret rooms are rather hard to come by, after all.

A Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Posts Photos Of The Most Bizarre Creatures Ever Seen

By stompk

The ocean is vast, deep, and still widely unexplored by people. The tremendous pressure at the depths of the ocean make investigation more challenging, and in some cases impossible. Especially since the farther you descend, the stranger the creatures become.

Sylvester Stallone Is An Accomplished Actor, But He Puts Being A Father First

By stompk

Sylvester Stallone is a jack of all trades. He’s a famous actor known for his roles in movies like the Rocky franchise, the Rambo movies, as well as The Expendables.